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long hair fenris bye lol


ME3 hair mod #14. Replaces Diana Allers hair. Here’s Link.


Installin PCC files

Using Gibbed save editor

Gibbed save editor info in download.

Hair mesh from Newsea.

omg this is such a bittersweet headcanon i love it

i knowwwwwww i have a lot of feelings about my elf baby and i’m not even done working out her backstory

hydrospanners asked: THE LAUNDRY ONE. HEADCANON ACCEPTED. okay one more then i have to sleep. TELL ME ABOUT any one of your ocs + that one weird thing they do that kinda annoys people but is also kinda endearing. or just a bad habit. whatever.


I have an elf oc who i’m still working on and she has no name so thats fun

but she has this habit born of years in the merc business in both orlais and antiva(which basically means she was an assassin for like 80% of that time tbh) where she taste-tests all the food and drink served to her and her friends eating with her and waits about five minutes before digging in just in case. Most of her friends just kind of gave her weird looks the first time she did it for them. Her closest comrades appreciate that she cares enough about them to check everything they injest for poison, but when the wine she sips from is expensive as balls they’re not so pleased.

hydrospanners asked: gimme some kaidan alenko + pet peeves! this is the best.

wait someone wants my headcannons how is this a thing

The first thing I thought of was laundry, and for some reason I can totally see Kaidan being annoyed when people don’t sort their laundry out by color. I don’t know why, but I can totally see him  on shore leave when Shepard throws some of her whites in with her colors and you know that’s going to stain and you’ll have to throw it out, right? Also cheap coffee seems to be a general consensus across the fandom, and I agree there. He’s a black coffee sort of guy, drinks it straight as soon as it won’t scald his throat, and he won’t touch the Alliance standard issue stuff unless absolutely necessary. The last pet peeve of his is casual racism. I think he’d be really sensitive to it, given both his background as multiracial and his comments on aliens in ME1. He’s the kind of guy who might chuckle once at a racist joke but you would be able to tell if you were paying attention that he was uncomfortable and very unimpressed.



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An awesome dorf Inquisitor for bossuary!

hydrospanners asked: can i keep playing this game? (i'm having a blast picturing devin coming out of the shadows with her braids out and her hair crazy and startling the dog) alistair + manners!


dat mental image tho

Alistair basically grew up in the Chantry, so I imagine he has a good grasp of most social manners but not necessarily ettiquette things. I think he knows how to address most nobles because of his time with Eamon, and I think he knows how to in theory hold conversations with people of his rank or lower and stuff like that. He can’t dance worth crap or play the politics game, nor does he know how to flirt in a subtle way with noblewomen.  I think I remember him saying he was a bit old-fashioned during some of the romance dialogue, so he has a sense of chivalry. I imagine he’s polite in social gatherings but isn’t fond of them. Put him at the table with a proper setting, though, and you can expect he’ll be staring at the forks for a while trying to figure out which one to use for each course.

hydrospanners asked: devin brosca + hygiene whaat i need to know if that girl bathes or if she smells like a nug humping bastard


Devin does not bathe much. She doesn’t understand why anyone would bother with bathing regularly when there’s darkspawn and werewolves and mercenaries and politicians to worry about. There’s a reason she keeps her hair braided. She bathes only if she stinks to high heaven or is covered in blood. Since she started a relationship with Alistair, however, there has been a lot more ‘bathing’ in the loosest sense of the term.

Before coming to the surface, she only bathed when she had to. For a while, she bathed regularly when Behrat wanted her to noble-hunt with her sister, but when that fell through her habits returned to the usual.

(on a side note, Devin’s hair is very thick and curly and difficult when she doesn’t have it tightly braided to her head. The braids in-game are really not as thick as they should be given her hair. Think ‘poof’ and you’ve got her hair)


send me a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them and that thing

ex: molly hayes + sleeping



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FMA AU in which every time Ed or Al say “brother” it’s replaced with “bruh”




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